Project overview

AcCusto is an Italian online veterinary service that offers premium healthcare for pets. The service helps pet owners take excellent care of their beloved animals with ease and reliability.


The challenge

The aim was to develop a website that would help customers sell their services in chosen locations. This would provide an opportunity for pet owners to cut their cost and save their time while looking for an experienced vet.


How we did that

Technologies: Angular Angular Universal NodeJS Express

For our part, we developed a fast search engine using Angular and Angular Universal. The work on the server-side rendering was completed with Angular Universal that helped increase SEO up to 95%. Angular framework was used to build a dynamic interface of the web app. We developed modules which are responsible for payment and selling services. They built using Angular and including Paypal payment solution.


As a result, AcCusto gives customers the possibility to sell their products and services in particular locations. Now, the users have access to an enormous range of premium healthcare services for pets to take care of them in the best way possible.