Project overview

The Women Political Leaders (WPL) is the global network of female politicians at the national level, including the European Parliament, of whom there are currently around 9,000. WPL was founded in 2013. The mission of WPL is to increase the number and the influence of women in political leadership positions.WPL strives to demonstrate the impact of women in political leadership. They already have ambassadors in 63 countries in the whole world. 

The challenge

Their aim was to disseminate the upcoming events and news articles using a portal on their website. This portal gives the possibility for users to read updated information about changes in this topic. 

How we did that

Technologies: WordPress

Darly Solutions provided a way to make the portal using WordPress. This solution made convenient and functional information generator about policy and political events

In conclusion, we got the website that represents updated information for users that have the opportunity to be in the loop in events and news in the political field.