Project overview

Bondary Hoper is a protection VPN device for the home, office and company usage with advanced data encryption. This is a mini-device that integrates effectively into WiFi networks. The device provides the next-generation VPN and limitless internet. 

The challenge

The goal was to develop the responsive web interface that will allow managing the device. The mobile application connects to the device through scanning QR code and after registration allows users to switch between networks, change password, choose VPN provider and manage other settings.


How we did that

Technologies: Angular, PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL

The solution was provided using Angular framework and PHP Laravel with the addition of ngx-captcha, ngx-scanner, ng-select, ngx-accordeon, swiper slider, angular-social-login etc.

As a result, the user gets not only a useful device with advanced VPN but also a convenient mobile responsive software for managing all the settings.