How chatbots can improve the patient experience

Nowadays, AI technology is significantly changing the different industries and the healthcare industry isn’t an exception. One of the additions – chatbots – has the potential to save time and money.  But should the healthcare industry use a bot service, it is a question many medical workers ask. However, we can define healthcare as a […]

How quickly to get the product conducive to results? Minimum Valuable Product in Healthcare

It is essential to develop and support digital health tools. They help to improve patient care and the better utilization of health resources.  According to this, the best solution is creating a minimal viable product (MVP), which refers to a gradually building, testing process and regularly receiving stakeholder input to improve the platform’s technical ability […]

Unique approach to telehealth design

Telehealth, simply put, is some type of delivery. It helps to provide health care services when patients and health professionals are separated by distance via remote technologies. Telehealth uses technologies for the exchange of information for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries for the patients. Live video conferencing, mobile health apps and remote […]

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