Author: Daria

If you have an efficient booking app, it brings your business to the 21st century. Nowadays, a website reservation system or a mobile booking app is a must-have for most industries. Let’s look at the statistics E-Travel industry grows by 7.5% every year. Accordingly to this fact, the researchers conclude that the market will reach […]

Nowadays, AI technology is significantly changing the different industries and the healthcare industry isn’t an exception. One of the additions – chatbots – has the potential to save time and money.  But should the healthcare industry use a bot service, it is a question many medical workers ask. However, we can define healthcare as a […]

It is essential to develop and support digital health tools. They help to improve patient care and the better utilization of health resources.  According to this, the best solution is creating a minimal viable product (MVP), which refers to a gradually building, testing process and regularly receiving stakeholder input to improve the platform’s technical ability […]